Hi All- does anyone (esp women) want to do the Kep track ride on 24/25 April?

If so PM me- would really like some company for the ride, will be leaving Midland train station around 7am.

Cheers T

One way or there and back

One way or there and back ??

Is there public transport if you are only doing it one way ?

I'm keen to do the Kep, but

I'm keen to do the Kep, but I can't make it those days. Are you plannng on riding from Midland straight up the hill? Or is there another path that I am so far unaware of?...

Are you planning to return the next day as well?

Oh, sorry, not a female, but according to the results from the 4 hour, I got beaten by a lot of them.

Via heritage trail...

You can ride straight up the hill ( great eastern Hwy) or take 1 of two off road detours...

1- the southern side of the heritage trail loop- rather steep in parts - take you too Mundaring...

2- the northern side of the heritage trail loop- very easy gradient all the way! ( up Morrison rd from midland train station, onto heritage traail at pechey rd, then follow until Stonville- turn RIOGHT onto stoneville rd and follow until Mundaring sculpture park- meet Kep track here!)
There may be other ways, but this way keeps you in the peacen quiet of the forrest away from cars on busy rds!

I'm sure there are others out there with better local knowledge than I !

Hope that helps! cheers T



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i recomend the darlington line

its slightly steeper grade is more than offset by its more direct route

pick it up at the bellevue rsl club on purton pl