just starting

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Me and my 2 friends are just looking to do some track in the hill not to hard but not to easy.
I dont want the track to be hours away.


If you have a peek at the left hand side of the page-under coming events, there's a list of XC tracks :)

However, in saying that..Try the Goat Farm or Jarrahdale. The Goat Farm will have you swearing at uphills and possibly the downhills. Tons of fun!
Jarrahdale-I can't say i love the place..It's ok for the 6hr & 12hr but don't make a special trip to ride there...Again, you'll find new swear words for the pea gravel :)

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thanks my dad said that we

thanks my dad said that we might be able to go for a drive to have a look, are they both free entry or do you have to pay?
i just want to ride for fun not racing but i hope i will be able to do the goat farm and jarrahdale.

Forsyths Mill

If you are going for a drive why not head up along the Great Eastern Highway to Forsyth's Mill trail at Chidlow. It is also shown on the XC Race Trails link on the webpage sidebar. It is just off the Highway on Gorry (Gorrie?) Road.
Forsyth's Mill is a 30min loop that is ideal for just about everyone - there is some easy stuff but a few challenges too. The better you get the faster you can go.
Also nearby is Lake Leschenaultia (you will see the signs) which is a popular spot for families - a big swim/boating lake, BBQ's etc and a 5km MTB trail that is easy enough for anyone to do.
All the trails that people ride like Goatfarm, Forsyth's Mill, Langford Park Jarrahdale, the Dwellingup trails, Mt Gungin and Little Ovens etc are all free - either purpose built MTB parks, State Forest or open land.
The only place that costs is Lake Leschenaultia which is something like $6 a car entry.
Have fun & enjoy it. Make sure you ride with someone else in case you have a prang.


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goat farm

the goat farm could be a good place to start too (particularly for somewhere dad doesn't mind driving to). Some of the uphills are a bit of a slog ... but fine if you're just out there for fun, and there's the rewards of the down hills ... and there are enough trails there that you can do a bit of exploring and find bits that you like.

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thanks guys that realy

thanks guys that realy helped thanks:)