Nice work John

John and all his helpers did a great job running the 4 hour today. It was heaps of fun, well organised and the course was just about right for a 4 hour. Thanks guys

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Had a ball, despite my lack

Had a ball, despite my lack of fitness.
Well done and thanks !!!!!!!!!!!





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That was a fantastic event, big thanks to John for organising it. Everyone was very helpful and encouraging around the course, can't wait to see the photos and results, thanks again to John and all the volunteers.

Where do I sign for the 6 hour?


It's not mountain biking unless you bleed

It's all on you guys.

What a great event. I am really lucky to be able to associate Wembley Cycles with John's events.
However I would like to point out that its you guys that make this event so good. If we put on the race and 20 people rocked up, it would suck beyond belief. All the people going around with a smile (or grimace) on their faces are what make Enduro's so cool. You guys made this event the success that it was.

Thanks to all,


Thansk to all the guys I for

Thansk to all the guys

I for one am smiling Dave. I was smiling when I got there and I was smiling when I walkied away with a set of night lights. I have no idea how I went but I was just stoked to hand out with my mates for a day and ride my bike.


Good one

I really enjoyed the inaugural 4hr at Jorgenson Park.
It was a clever use of a new race venue - a very good mix of speed, singletrack, climbs and specatator viewing points. Good thinking for coming up with the idea!
Very good effort by John Carney, Tony Tucknott and the many others to ensure us competitors had a hassle free day. I hope this event becomes an early-season regular.
Thanks also to to Dave at Wembley Cycles and the other great sponsors who made a good day better by supplying the prizes. I like mine.
I'm sorry I had to take off for work straight away at the end of the race. My body wanted me to 'hang around a while' and I would have liked to have thanked you all personally.


Ditch KRudd and make Nino PM...!!

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yep well done. pity the rain

yep well done.
pity the rain didnt come sat night, would have been a different game!
John, you asked for all comments.
here is my 2c:
Race time for this time of year.
Still sunny i think 10-2 is not the right time of day, hottest and killer sun.
I think more like 8-12 would be better, but just my comment.
Apart from that excellent.
Would be sweet to get some sponnos or even a bouncy castle etc. to keep the wives and kids busy if they come along.
thanks again John. Its people like you that make the world go round and put smiles on faces.

Thanks for a great day

I too want to thank all those that ran the event and to all the sponsors without you these events would not be possible, i have a great day and like many suffered afterwards but pain is only tempery.will be back for some more thanks.


I agree with the comments above and it was a well organised event. It was a good course, a bit of everything, which became more challenging as the event went on and the weather warmed up.

time of 4 hour start

I agree that an earlier start (8.00) would be better. I was OK until laps 10 and 11 (1.00pm or so)when it suddenly seemed to get a lot hotter and hallucinations of cold frosted cans of Coopers started to appear in my bottle cage


Be thankful that it wasn't at the goat farm like last year's 4hr when it was 38C.....That was one interesting day and I was in the shade of a tree(goat farm + no trees + hills + uber summer heat..not for me) Now that I think of it..the 6hr last year..My first lap..thunder, hail, rain..(I don't like thunder whilst i'm outside) mind went at that moment...The Endurance mode went out the window...I didn't have the greatest day..

I say don't change the time of the events, the time's just fine. Adapt & deal with the conditions...It doesn't matter what time you have it-as when you do an enduro it's about's all in your head.(I learnt that at my first 12hr solo effort..) It takes a while to apply but yes it's all true..!~!!!

BTW..It wasn't hot yesterday!!!


timr wrote:

I agree that an earlier start (8.00) would be better. I was OK until laps 10 and 11 (1.00pm or so)when it suddenly seemed to get a lot hotter and hallucinations of cold frosted cans of Coopers started to appear in my bottle cage

ahhh timr.... How many laps did you do?

If you were on lap 11 at 1pm. That puts you in the realm of 13 odd laps total. That would put you in the top ten outright.

DUDE, YOUR A LEGEND. I'm pretty sure I did 9 (brain fade and trip computer probs) and I was $%$#@&!!. Fair enough, this is my first year racing. But man, how do you guys get the power to keep going? As Jeremy Clarkson would say "I need more power!!"

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Later start time attracts those who travel

If it was an earlier start time I probably wouldnt have bothered. Coming from Rockingham it meant I had a cruisy start to the day, very happy with timing, as has been said, "adapt to the conditions", I went through 5 litres (2 camelbaks) while I heard at least one fella before the start delcare "ahhh, I only need 3 litres, I'm not planning on stoppin". Once you move into longer races do you want to start at 4am (hint of sarcasm there ).

As for the course, for a newby it was plenty challenging, much more technical than any AR course I've done, and I understand from the Promo that it was a fast easy course, I went into some sections way faster than I should have following more experienced riders before me and just hung on, thereby realising I could actually get through at that speed!

While it was a great day...perhaps one little addition, being as this is so early in the season, and there may be one or two newbies like myslef who couldnt get to the skills day, you could have a 5 minute informal group briefing for us beginners, just to have a look at our bike set-up and give us a few tips on how the events work. I am not shy so I just asked around beforehand, but as far as getting new riders to come back to future events it may help?

While I may not be at all the events this year I will try to get along svereal more times, so in the immortal words of Arnie..."I'll be Back"!


Adventure Racing... the adult version of A.D.D!


Naa, I did 11 laps but the fade started at about 1.00pm

First Timer

Had an awesome time John. First time in an MTB race and had a ball - though didn't realise it when i was struggling to get up the firetrail climb!

Looking forward to many more adventures.

Oh, and in my vast experience, start time and length were perfect!


start time

I too had to travel, from Bunbury. Left home at 6 am so I could have a coffee in Kalamunda ...and wake up. If it was an earlier start I would have still done the event, but stay in Perth overnight.

A 5min briefing for newbies would be very short and I don't think you would have picked up much. You would need at least half an hour (probably more like half a day!).

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Newby briefing

The 5minutes I was talking about would be, this is where the bikes go through, this is where you can put your gear, these people here will count your laps, this is where the presentations will be held, that basket on the front of your bike probably isnt safe :)


Adventure Racing... the adult version of A.D.D!

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Massive win for racing in WA

Congratulations on a fantastic event. You really nailed it! I have done a lot of endurance races, that have been run to varying degrees of success by a lot of different people. This was possibly the best for the following reasons:

1. Start time. The start was on time, exactly when it was advertised to start. I have been to events that started up to an hour late. Well done.

2. Track. A good track for the first endurance race. Not too technical and plenty of open space for passing.

3. Cost. That was really good value for money, I know how much it costs to put an event like that on, and I did the sums in my head. Good deal for every rider out their, especially when you consider....

4. Prizes. Wow! So many prizes, especially spot prizes. Cash for solo was a nice touch too, but Kat and I are stoked with our tubeless kits, even if I have to ride a 26inch bike again. Heaps of spot prizes from the sponsors were really well distributed as well. No wire bead DH tyres or 36 hole velocity rims (I have seen these given away at XC events)!

Again, well done, WA riders will get out and support this, its a great thing. Looking forward to the next one a lot!

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Yeh,what he said. I'm still

Yeh,what he said.
I'm still fairly new with MTB-ing. But i've still got a grin on my face, even though i got a insect caught in the back of my throat on the last lap lap causing me to vomit the entire day's intake of bananas,Torq gels etc etc.....guess i shouldn't be eating insects whilst riding eh !

Nice touch

Nice touch Rick - getting your nutrition from the environment.
Way to go!


Ditch KRudd and make Nino PM...!!

Ditto to all who loved it!

Thanks to all those involved with the event. Had a great ride. Set a goal of 8 laps - did 9. Went non-stop for 3 hours and 35ish minutes and told to do one more, no way was I going to be the sweeper! So I took off and did a third of the coarse (9 1/3 laps) and snuck back behind all those smiling thinking I was still suffering out there and put my bike down and thought "Bring on the 6 hour". Thanks to Dave for letting some air out of my tyre pre-race. And to all those that I passed at the bottom of 'Puncture Alley'. Do you wonder why they sell spares at these events? CHA-CHING!!! Great ride, great fun, see you all at Jarrahdale! From one of the girls.....#111

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yeh, it burnt like

yeh, it burnt like hell.....funny though eh

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See you in Jarrahdale

I had a great time with my team. Probably didn't have the right tool for the job (15kg enduro with triple clamp fork) but I made the most of it on the downhill bit. The prize at the end was a good suprise too, I'll cherish those SRAM socks for ever.


Can't wait for jarrahdale...



way to go

the recipe was perfect for the 4 hrs.Bring it on.It looks like the long "races " are a winner ,considering how many newbies there was,and a lot of "oldies"as well.And again a BIG THANK YOU for another great day's riding.
For avoiding puncture :just add air and ride sensibly......