Marin 26" Steel Hardtail Mountain Bike XTR FSA Carbon $1200

This is one fantastic xc race bike! It is steel meaning the frame is going to last forever as it is much more durable than those of carbon and aluminium. The overall weight is a bit over 10kg and it could easily be slimmed down. If you desire you could convert it to tubeless, give it a lighter wheelset and it would be one serious light weight xc rig!

You will love this bike, it has been my baby for nearly two years and has served me so well. I raced it for one year and serviced it regularly. All wheel bearings have been replaced quite recently. The Schwalbe tires are extremely new and have only had a couple of rides. The Ritchey WCS V2 sealed headset is very new also and is buttery smooth. The whole drivetrain was replaced late last year also and has not seen much riding at all. The frame does show scratches and chips here and there but structurally, the bike is in excellent condition.

The only issue with the bike at the moment is 1 snapped spoke which can easily be fixed by your local bike shop for approximately $50. It happened last race, I did not crash, I only realised afterwards. It's no big deal at all.

The reason for me selling this beautiful bike is because I am a student and really need to focus on my studies rather than training and racing.

Price: $1200 and I am extremely firm on that.

Here is a complete spec list:
Forks: Manitou Skareb Elite 80mm air (working fine, about due for service)
Headset: Ritchey WCS V2 sealed
Wheelset: WTB Laser Disc Lite
Tires: Very very new Schwalbe Racing Ralph (rear) Rocket Ron (front) - very fast/light/grippy combo =)
Front derailleur: XTR very new
Rear derailleur: XTR Rapid Rise very new and nice
Cassette: Dura-Ace 12-27 tooth 9 speed
Chain: KMC X9 SL Gold Titanium beautiful =P
Crankset: Truvativ Stylo
BB: Giga X drive
Seatpost: FSA SL-K carbon
Saddle: A stripped WTB seat (may need replacing depending on taste)
Handlebars: Diamond Profile carbon
Stem: FSA alloy threadless
Grips: Ritchey WCS foam grips light and very comfortable
Brakes: Avid Juicy 7's
Pedals: Shimano Clipless (forgot which model)

Winter is coming so be prepared by having this bike in your garage ready to rip up some muddy trails =)


Rear end1.99 MB
Whole bike2.06 MB

This bike will not

This bike will not disappoint, also, I am willing to trade for a really good 4x/dirt jumper. With compensation; more or less.

I am now taking $1200, thats

I am now taking $1200, thats my final offer.

What frame size is

What frame size is it...where are you located?


The frame size is 17". I am

The frame size is 17". I am located near Jarrahdale. Thank you =) You can give me a call on 0439 699 031 or send me an PM.

Sorry to small for me

Sorry to small for me (6ft2in) I am current on a 21 inch frame. sounds like a nice bike though!

No worries mate, thank you

No worries mate, thank you =)

Bump, this bike needs riding

Bump, this bike needs riding =)

Bump it up.

Bump it up.

Please feel free to ask any

Please feel free to ask any questions. 0439 699 031 Taylor.

Bump, please buy =)

Bump, please buy =)




have PM'd you