How good was the skills day!

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Just a public note of appreciation to everyone who came out and put on the skills day.

To be honest I was skeptical what I would learn, as I have been riding for the best part of 6 years, but I decided to go since my Girlfriend and a couple of mates were needing some extra skills.

I went in the 'turning pro' group with Tim and Lachie, and I can definitley say that they are some of the nicest guys on 2 wheels, and ultra fast as well. I learnt heaps, got reminded of heaps of stuff I should have known, and now I'm going 30% quicker in the corners and using less energy.

It was a great atmosphere out there, and my mates all enjoyed themselves a heap as well. So thanks PMBC, and see you guys at Rd1.

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Had a blast

I totally agree. the skills day was an awesome day all round. Thanks to those who volunteered, coaches, cooks and organisers.

I was in the pro group and I was not only reminded of everything I should and shouldnt be doing but shown in practice how much difference it actually made. Its all about being smooth, not all about strength, weight and endurance etc. Sure those things help but I was blown away at the speed gained by simply being more efficient. We received a few racing tips from Tim and Lackie and I will be blaming them if I dont win :)

We finished the day with a BBQ and chatting about what we had leaned. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

hot dogs

Was great to see more chickas out dere getting dirty :)!

Thanks to everyone who helped out w de BBQ. HOpe those hot dog buns aren't being wasted..hee hee...

Yep, I agree. Good day and I

Yep, I agree.

Good day and I got out of it what I wanted. Next time I'll go in the pro section.... gotta crawl before you can run.

Tempest, I just realized from your avatar who you are. At Karri when you stopped at the fist 30km stop you were standing next to a guy in a red shirt with two howling kids in a pram and borrowed some fly spray.(least I think it was that). That was me. Anyway hope the rest of your Karri was good. you seemed to be cruising at that point.

I didnt see you on sunday. I was in a different group though.

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No mate, wasn't me. That

No mate, wasn't me. That photo is from the EPIC in QLD, that should give you an idea, also, I ride a 29er. ;)

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Get a room

Jared and Tempest, you two know each other, we all went riding together last weekend.

Oh and CC, the leftover sausages and buns were delightful :)

Agree whole heartedly!

Agree whole heartedly! Thanks again, particularly to Deccy and Rubes.

Are the skills day a regular throughout the season or a one off?