WA XC MTB Series 2010 - Round #1 TURNER HILL 28th March **CHANGE OF VENUE**

Due to logging being carried out at Marrinup Round #1 will be held at TURNER HILL

PMBC presents Round #1 of the WA MTB Series 2010 to be held at TURNER HILL on the 28th March, please click on attachment below for the event flyer providing all the info. Online rego will be closing on the 25th March a late entry fee will applicable for those that do not enter online.

Please Read the following Rules and Information about the series.

This is where to enter for all 7 rounds of the 2010 XC series presented by PMBC. This is referred to as the “Series Entry”

All 7 rounds can be entered separately, but you can enter for all 7 rounds NOW with 1 payment. You need to click "EDIT" to enter each round of the series when you click "series entry" in the Instructions box online. If you use the series entry, be sure to only buy 1 number plate!!!!!

We recommend you join as a MTBA member before filling in the series entry. It is cheaper to be a MTBA member than buy 7 day licenses.

You need to do at least 3 rounds to qualify for series points
You need to be a MTBA member to qualify for series points
6 of your 7 rounds count for points (drop your worst round if you do all 7)
Cost is $20 per event or $140 for all 7 (series entry)
Elite classes will pay $50, 40, 30, 20, 10 for the first 5 places for men and woman at each round.

You will receive a “Free Entry” to the “State Championships Race” if you enter all 7 rounds. This does not have to be the “Series Entry” you can enter all 7 rounds separately and still qualify.

There is a $10 late fee for entering on the day (NO Exceptions)

There is a $5 charge on the number plates now that WAMBA has reformed. This $5 goes directly to WAMBA to fund things like trail advocacy, legalizing and signing trails.

*****Online Rego******


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well done on putting together what looks like a great 2010 XC season - a seven race XC series and the Enduro Series too.
I like the event flyer that is attached to this posting - great layout, plenty of info (timings, costs, wave starts, other race dates), even a map and contact details...... well thought out and presented!!
Congratulations on a top start to the 2010 XC Season. Am looking forward to it after missing all of last year.


Nino's friend....

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What am I

first ever pmbc event, i just joined and want to put myself down for this on but not sure what category.

me - 35 yo, male,
mtb experience - did the cape to cape!

please let me know asap, im booking as i type!!



Just dont tell my wife.............


Dan8-what did you decide? Novice or sport b?

Moving along...
Sitting here registering for the whole series & just wanted to pass on some info:It's not as confusing as it may seem at first. Simply click on the edit box on the first listing & it'll take you back to the next one upon completing it (does that make sense? I can visualize what I just did but explaining it is not my strong point!!). Also, in regards to additional question #1 about the number plate, i've typed in "no" for each additional race....hopefully our cool computer system nods "aha, yes that makes sense, thank you"...

Don't panic when doing the rego, it's not hard :)

Due to logging being carried

Due to logging being carried out at Marrinup Round #1 will be held at TURNER HILL (new flyer up soon)

New updated flyer is up!

New updated flyer is up!